November 6, 2012   Jeremy Renner will be guest host of Saturday Night Live on Nov. 17

U.S. actor Jeremy Renner (The Bourne Legacy, The Avengers, Mission Impossible:Ghost Protocol, The Town, The Hurt Locker) will be the host of the late-night, long-running comedy show on Nov. 17, 2012. The band Maroon 5 will provide the music.

That being the case, can we expect Renner to dance around, or do his famous “Renner stretch” while the band plays Moves Like Jagger?

Not an original thought, I know, but the fans would certainly enjoy it.

Renner is on record as saying that he was a musician before he was an actor, and there are videos of him out there sitting in with various bands. When he was less recognizable, one of his favourite things was going to his neighbourhood karaoke bar. Maybe the guys in Maroon 5 will invite him to sing along?


November 6, 2012   LACMA 2012 Art + Film Gala

I added pics of jeremy at the LACMA 2012 Art + Film Gala.

009~0.jpg  010~0.jpg  012~0.jpg  021.jpg

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November 6, 2012   Ben Affleck & Jeremy Renner: Artois Awards Studs

Celebrating his work in the entertainment industry, Ben Affleck was honored at the Casting Society of America’s 2012 Artois Awards in Beverly Hills last night (October 29).

Earlier in the evening, Renner handed Affleck the coveted Career Achievement Award, a trophy he brandished proudly for the duration of the event.

002~2.jpg  014.jpg  008~0.jpg  003~1.jpg

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October 15, 2012   “The Avengers” DVD Extra’s added

Thanks to Claudia, I was able to add the DVD extra’s from “The Avengers” to the gallery. You can check them out by following the links below.

caps1954.jpg  caps2278.jpg  caps2280.jpg  caps0833.jpg

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caps0831.jpg  caps0859.jpg  caps1792.jpg  caps1395.jpg

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October 13, 2012   Hollywood’s Stars Pitch In For ‘LA’s Promise 2012 Gala: A Night Of Magic’

Showing their support for Southern Los Angeles’ schools and their students, a handful of stars made appearances at L.A. Live’s Event Deck to help put on the LA’s Promise 2012 Gala on Tuesday night (October 9).

With this year’s theme of “A Night of Magic” having been produced by magician David Copperfield, “Modern Family” actress Julie Bowen tended to hosting duties at the swanky fundraising effort.

Along with Miss Bowen, honorary host committee member Justin Long and “Bourne Legacy” star Jeremy Renner were among those taking the stage while recognizing honoree Erik Feig, President Of Production Of Lionsgate Motion Picture Group, as well as The California Endowment and Univision.

promise-gala-100912-_28529.jpg  promise-gala-100912-_28629.jpg  promise-gala-100912-_28729.jpg  promise-gala-100912-_28829.jpg

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October 13, 2012   Jeremy Renner’s ‘Hansel & Gretel’ release date pushed back

The release date for Jeremy Renner’s upcoming adventure film Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters has been changed. Renner stars alongside Gemma Arterton and Famke Jensen in the adult reboot of the classic Brothers Grimm fairy tale.

In the new version, Hansel and Gretel are adult bounty hunters who track down witches. The film is reportedly rated R. Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters will now debut on January 25 of next year, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Written and directed by Norwegian filmmaker Tommy Wirkola, the film was previously set for a January 11, 2013 release. Paramount has apparently changed the film’s debut in order to market the film for Imax and 3D venues.


October 7, 2012   Bradley Cooper, Jeremy Renner in Next David O. Russell Film

Christian Bale is reuniting with David O. Russell, who directed him to an Oscar in “The Fighter.” Bradley Cooper, Jeremy Renner, and Amy Adams– also a “Fighter” alum–are joining the cat of the untitled film. Russell is about to release “Silver Linings Playbook,” a certain Best Picture/Director nominated film with four acting nominations as well for Jennifer Lawrence, Cooper, Robert DeNiro, and Jacki Weaver. Russell has found a deep pocketed financial angel in the savvy, young Megan Ellison, who owns Annapurna Productions.

Here’s the release:

(LOS ANGELES, CA) OCTOBER 5, 2012 – Bradley Cooper, Jeremy Renner, and Amy Adams will be joined by Christian Bale in David O. Russell’s ensemble drama. Russell’s penning the film’s screenplay with Eric Warren Singer, based on Singer’s original script.

The upcoming film marks the director’s first time working with Renner (two-time Academy Award nominee), and his second collaborations with Bale (Academy Award winner for Best Supporting Actor for “The Fighter”), Adams (three-time Academy Award nominee including “The Fighter”) and Cooper (“Silver Linings Playbook”).  David O. Russell’s acclaimed “Silver Linings Playbook” garnered the Audience Award at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Atlas Entertainment¹s Charles Roven and Richard Suckle will produce alongside Annapurna Pictures’ Megan Ellison and Ted Schipper. Jon Gordon, who most recently produced “Silver Linings Playbook,” will also serve as an executive producer on the project alongside Bradley Cooper and Eric Warren Singer.  Annapurna Pictures is fully financing the film, tentatively set for release in late 2013. Columbia Pictures will handle US Distribution.

“David has put together an incredible ensemble of actors for what is going to be a powerful and emotional drama about one of the most memorable cast of characters in recent history,” noted Charles Roven.

The Untitled David O. Russell Project is based on the true story of a notorious financial con artist (Bale) and his mistress/partner in crime (Adams), who were forced to work with an out of control federal agent (Cooper) to turn the tables on other con artists, mobsters, and politicians.   At the epicenter of the entire tale, is the passionate and volatile leader of the New Jersey state assembly (Renner) who is also the local hero and mayor of impoverished Camden.

Panorama Media has sold the film internationally, which includes a multi territorial deal with Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions. Production will begin mid-February on the East Coast.


October 4, 2012   Premiere of Seven Psychopaths in NYC

Hitting up the debut of their newest flick, the stars of “Seven Psychopaths” gathered together for the Los Angeles premiere on Monday night (October 1).

Making for one dashing red carpet appearance, castmates including Colin Farrell, Christopher Walken and Sam Rockwell looked handsome while Abbie Cornish added her beauty to the male-dominated Tinseltown screening.

Other famous faces turning up for the “Seven Psychopaths” festivities included big screen studs Jeremy Renner and Justin Long, along with actresses such as Dania Ramirez, Perrey Reeves and Leslie Bibb with the guest list rounded out by reality star rocker Ozzy Osbourne with wife Sharon.

I added a few MQ’s to the gallery.

001~3.jpg  003.jpg  005.jpg  006.jpg

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September 30, 2012   Jeremy Renner Comedy Needs Fans To Rescue Inde Film

Jeremy Renner is getting rave reviews for his comic turn in the new film, Ingenious, but the indie film won’t make it into theaters without additional funds to pay for distribution.

So the production company has come up with an ingenious solution: get fans to pay in advance for DVDs or digital downloads of the film. With enough money, they can finish the flick and get it into theaters.

Renner was Oscar-nomated for The Hurt Locker and is known for kicking butt in action movies like The Bourne Legacy and The Avengers, but in Ingenious he’s shown to have a sense of humor too.

He plays a slick salesman who pairs up with a small time inventor after they both hit rock bottom in their personal and business lives but come up with a winning product that becomes a global hit. The film has been a huge hit on the festival circuit, despite it being shown in essentially a rough cut. The production company, Arriba Films, is using the creative projects funding platform Kickstarter to help pull in the dollars.

Producer Brian Neufang says he is “determined to prove that a good indie movie can succeed outside the Hollywood system.” The movie has currently raised $43,000 on Kickstarter and has just $5,000 to go before reaching its goal by October 13.


September 27, 2012   Renner: Avengers stunts were blast

Jeremy Renner has raved about his time in Hollywood blockbuster Avengers Assemble – because he loved the catering. The Hurt Locker star plays Hawkeye in director Joss Whedon’s action movie, which also stars Robert Downey Jr, Samuel L Jackson and Mark Ruffalo.

Jeremy revealed: “Shooting the Avengers was a blast… there’s much better food on set.”

Of the stunts and training, Jeremy admitted: “I actually didn’t have to do very much archery training because I was using CGI arrows and I was shooting CGI monsters.” He added: “It’s like learning a new language or a dance.”

Co-star Tom Hiddleston, who plays villain Loki, also expressed his joy at the film’s action scenes. He said: “I love doing the stunts and flying around on wires. At the very beginning, the first I had to do was jump off a platform, do a 30-foot leap and spear somebody in the chest.

“Joss [Whedon] wanted me to fly beyond the horizontal, so they attached a harness to me under my costume, which enabled me to dive headfirst towards the camera. I felt like I was part of a circus trapeze act! It was fantastic.”


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